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For over 25 years, Sonja Duckstein has been protecting the rights of those arrested and charged with drunk driving or related criminal offenses.

She has successfully handled hundreds of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. Sonja Duckstein takes pride in the fact that she has the ability to effectively negotiate and settle a criminal case or litigate it if necessary. Simply put, this translates into better results for clients who have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense.

You can be assured that Sonja Duckstein will personally handle every aspect of your case.

She will obtain and review the police report with you. She will make all the court appearances required for the proper presentation of your case. She will do all of the research on your case and meet with the prosecutor in an attempt to get your case in the best position for a favorable resolution.

Sonja Duckstein has aggressively defended those arrested and charged with all of the following matters:


Sonja is great!

If you're looking for legal representation, and looking for someone who genuinely cares and will fight for you, then go with Sonja! She will go above and beyond! I'm pleased with her services and wouldn't trust anyone else.
Honey A.
I refer clients to Sonja.

While some were beyond help, she has helped others who thought they were. There was a dog bite, car accidents... some were at fault, most were injured, all had insurance. Do not add insult (or anguish) to injury. Insurance companies represent your interest after theirs, if at all. Attorneys settle. Representing themselves, then the insurance companies, then you. NOT Sonja - She puts you 1st! Sonja will aggressively represent you! While I hope not to need her I am glad to know so I can refer her to those that may. Think you don't need an attorney? Shouldn't you know? Call her.
James G.
I am a worker's comp and SS attorney here in Phoenix.

I know Sonja and she is a fantastic lawyer - for both personal injury and criminal defense. She is very responsive and caring to her clients. I highly recommend her.
Matt F.
Sonja Duckstein is the epitome of a client first mentality.

Her work ethic is unmatched and her knowledge of the law including our rights as citizens is top notch. I trust to refer my family, friends and clients to Sonja's law firm because I know they will be served with honesty and fairness.
Matt M.
Great Job!

Sonja has helped two of my friends. She as very helpful with the DUI case that was an extreme DUI. My friend did not have to go to Tent City which was a relief. Sonja kept her out of jail and did a great job!
Raj B. Sanghvi
Awesome attorney

Sonja has represented family members and friends in various cases and always had outstanding results! She is aggressive, caring, and extremely reliable. I would highly recommend her in any criminal matter!
Ally Kroff
Aggressive attorney

I recommend Sonja Duckstein as a lawyer. She always makes sure her clients are well aware of things that are happening with the case. Her work ethic is very aggressive which shows in end results.
Dwayne Cooper
Excellent Results!

I utilized Sonja's services for a complicated matter and she exceeded my expectations in all areas-professionalism, reliability, competence promptness in returning phone calls, and results. I was completely satisfied and frequently recommend her to others.
Howard Meade
Awesome Lawyer!

Sonja is a unbelievable lawyer who represented my son during his DUI. She provided outstanding advice, coached my son thru the process and was able to get a greatly reduced sentence. Sonja is tremendous lawyer who I would highly recommend to anyone!
T Gooley
Outstanding attorney

Sonja represented me when I was charged with an extreme DUI. Sonja coached me thru the process, worked extremely hard with the prosecutor's office to get my charge reduced to a regular DUI with 24 hours time in the tent. Sonja is an outstanding attorney and I was truly blessed to have her defend me!
P Weddington
Very helpful and compassionate to my needs

Sonja was very kind and compassionate, she treated me like a person rather than a criminal. I was very satisfied with the results, I feel like she real had my back. Thank you Sonja!
Francisco Torres

Sonja has represented me on more than one Occasion, each outcome was a success and I felt like she had genuine concern for me throughout the entire process. She is Exceptional in every aspect! She helped me turn a very dark period in my life into a positive experience. Saying she comes highly recommended is an Understatement!
Scott Nelson
I recently used Sonja for a serious ticket.

She worked so hard and everything worked out the way we hoped, due to her knowledge and compassion. Sonja and Marcy were always available to talk to me and walk me through everything. I would recommend Sonja to anyone!!!
Cassie Talbot

Sonja was a huge help with getting my driving with a suspended license dismissed and a few other traffic violations dismissed. She was easy to work with and genuinely interested in helping me. If you need help in traffic court she's definitely the way to go!!!
Marissa Trefry
Intelligence and Experience

Sonja, because of her tenasity intelligence and experience was able to secure the lowest possible sentence for our son. He had priors and was also recently incarcerated which meant he was facing a very high sentence due to Arizona strict drug laws . We are so grateful to her. because of her actions our son will avoid a long prison term thereby allowing him to be a productive member of society be a productive member of society again and avoid a long prison term.
Dave Colwell


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