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 For over 20 years, Phoenix Drunk Driving Lawyer, Sonja Duckstein has aggressively defended those arrested and charged with all of the following matters:

In addition to the above, Phoenix Criminal Lawyer Sonja Duckstein aggressively defends many other criminal charges, including:

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As an experienced Phoenix Drunk Driving Lawyer, Sonja Duckstein is dedicated to the aggressive defense of drunk driving and other criminal cases. She understands that the preservation of a defendant’s license is crucially important, and organizes defense strategy and tactics around that priority.

Sonja Duckstein’s mastery of the complex and technical field of DUI/DWI law has produced an impressive record of victory both in courtrooms and in driver’s license suspension hearings.

For most people, a drunk driving arrest brings a high level of fear. The very thought of being in jail raises concerns about personal safety, and the suspension or revocation of a driver’s license can have ruinous consequences on many levels. People sometimes lose their jobs, and the financial implications of a DUI/DWI can be staggering. If you are arrested for drunk driving, you need a lawyer who knows your concerns and will fight for your rights.

Prosecutors know Sonja Duckstein as a formidable courtroom opponent, and they know the depth of research and preparation to be expected at trial. Ironically, this unfailing preparation and readiness to fight it out in court often produces extraordinary results without need for a trial.

You can be assured that Phoenix Drunk Driving Lawyer Sonja Duckstein will personally handle every aspect of your case. She will obtain and review the police report with you. She will make all the court appearances required for the proper presentation of your case. She will do all of the research on your case and meet with the prosecutor in an attempt to get your case in the best position for a favorable resolution.

Phoenix Criminal Attorney Sonja Duckstein is experienced and aggressive. For over 20 years, she has been protecting the rights of those arrested and charged with drunk driving or related criminal offenses. Sonja Duckstein has successfully handled hundreds of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. Sonja Duckstein takes pride in the fact that she has the ability to effectively negotiate and settle a criminal case or litigate it if necessary. Simply put, this translates into better results for clients who have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense.

If you or someone you know in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona needs the assistance of an experienced Phoenix Drunk Driving Lawyer, call Attorney Sonja Duckstein today at (602) 212-0202, or complete the contact form provided on this site to schedule your initial consultation. Se Habla Español.

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